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    I’m a Canadian and am planning a trip to Nicaragua in the spring/early summer of 2015. I want to stay for 3 months, but I am also interested in the possibility of living in the country for an extended period of time (like around a year or so). I know this must sound crazy, but I’m looking for a drastic change and because I have relatives to help me with my visit, I really want to try to set this up long term. Of course, a lot would have to depend on how I could make a decent living in Nicaragua. I’m a Communications professor at a college and I also teach ESL at a private language school so I have experience working with federal workers and foreign diplomats. I also have a Masters in English as well. Could someone with my skills and experience be able to find a good teaching job in Managua, say at a university or private academy? I want to be realistic about all this, but I have heard from family friends who live in Nicaragua that with my background I could find a very good job. Connections would obviously help, but it gives me hope that maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea! I don’t know. What do you guys think?




    Listen to your family. Things in Nicaragua are easier with connections. Follow the international teaching recruiters and check it out when you come down. Managua has many, many schools and hires mucho foreigners.



    Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it :) My mother’s cousin was the one to mention that getting a teaching job in Managua with my skills wouldn’t be so far fetched. It seems possible, but things would be a lot easier with the right connections (like everywhere else I guess!).

    I’ve looked online and I’ve noticed that Managua has many schools which offer English classes. In your opinion, which would be the best school and can teaching in Managua provide a decent and comfortable living? How plausible would it be to land a job at the Central American University or the American Nicaraguan School?



    I don’t have any school aged kids any more nor do I know anyone who lives in Managua. I can’t be of any real help. I have seen schools advertise on the international teaching sites. You might go into the forums and ask around. I think your relatives with school aged kids or their friends would be the best source of information. Keep in mind that many schools have a different calendar year here. Summer vacation starts around the end of November and runs into February at many schools. Some run September to June, make sure to check it out. Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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