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    Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I are interested in moving to Nicaragua and starting a B&B.
    We will be buying land, developing.building on the land, etc. All from scratch.

    Any info/advice is MUCH appreciated.

    We have already found 2 properties we will most likely buy, in the popoyo/santana beach area.




    There are two on-line forums with respect to living / moving and day to day life in Nicaragua those not born there. They both contain pretty good information (The Real Nicaragua and Nica Living)

    Land purchase should be reviewed with caution – Land purchase and title transfers are not as stream lined as North America. Protection under rule of law can be difficult or even non existent under some circumstances.

    If you have not spent time in Nicaragua you should. There is a distinct cultural difference right from person to person interaction right down through business expectations and how to approach government. My opinion is 6 months in country to get a good gauge if Nicaragua is for you.



    Hi I do not have experience with buying land, but I am currently working with an American duo an eco hotel here in the islands in Granada. It is definitely really helpful to know Spanish, and know basic construction terms. I would highly suggest for you to be there the entire process, the culture is very different and its really best to oversee every single detail in person, to make sure things are made the way you want them to be made. Also if you need any advice on design and interiors, I work with local artisans and I have a large network of woodworkers, builders, architects and so forth feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



    I would give your decision lots of thought. Most of the businesses we have seen open have folded quite soon. It is easy to start a business but difficult to succeed.

    In the site, webtrainer has started a series of articles about owning a business in Nicaragua. Please read what he has posted.

    My husband’s advise to would be business owners is to come with lots of money and leave when you still have enough to go back to where you came from and start over. It is good advise. Visiting Nicaragua is very different than being in business.



    Hi There,
    I am here currently doing basically the same thing.
    What I learned:
    Get to know the locals, especially any who are skilled or semi skilled in trades.
    Hire yourself a good Architect/Engineer firm, I choose SIA.SA here in Leon and am quite happy with them. Follow the rules with respect to building codes and taxes.
    As another posted, bring more money then you think you need!
    And indeed, cultural differences are vast from Canadian’s and I suspect from your’s too.
    Getting water and electric to the property can take up to 6 months and require a bribe to finally get them to hook it up.
    Things/people move very slowly, don’t push them or they will move even slower, relationships are more important then most everything else.
    Finally, everything your worried about, your probably right to worry about, but don’t let it stop you, it’s been a great experience!



    Hi Justine,
    I was sitting next to you on the plane at xmas, heading back to ny. My husband and I were looking at properties too. Would love you meet you sometime and hear about your progress (and I can buy you lunch at our vegetarian cafe in Park Slope).



    If you are in the Leon area I can recommend an agent I been fortunate to invest with.

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