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    Hello, I am new to this site. I previously lived in Costa Rica for several years and have moved back to the US. I travel back to CR and Nicaragua fairly often.
    I am seeking information about a child care school for a young girl of 3+ years of age in Leon, she is the daughter of a Nica friend of mine and I want to help to provide a good quality pre-school education for her in Leon. A friend of mine in Nicaragua recommended “Colegio Mi Mundo” in Leon however I am unable to find any website, information or phone number for Colegio Mi Mundo. Can you perhaps help me with any contact information or general information about Colegio Mi Mundo such as a website, phone number, general reputation for quality childcare or perhaps put me in touch with someone who can answer my questions?
    I am the “godfather” (padrino) for the girl and I want to assist her in having a good quality pre-school education. I am a little confused about the “Colegio Mi Mundo” because I thought the word “Colegio” refers to what we (in EEUU) call a “high school (grades 9-12)”. Also, a friend of mine told me that perhaps the name “Colegio Mi Mundo” is a “bromo” (joke) as some young people write on their FaceBook Page that they have work at “Mi Negocio” or go to a university “Universidad Mi Mundo” or something like that. However my friend in Nicaragua assures me that “Colegio Mi Mundo” is a legitimate school and provides quality education for children and also grades from 1 – 12.
    To add to my confusion, there are 3 separate “pages” in Facebook that are referenced when I query for “Colegio Mi Mundo” in Leon however none of them provide contact or basic information.
    1. – this is a closed group with 11 members, I have messaged the group administrator asking for information but have not received a reply.
    So, this is a bit confusing to me since I cannot find a website for the school or a phone number for someone to talk to

    Thanks in advance, William in Portland, Oregon

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