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    I’ll be in Nicaragua for a month starting 11/13. I plan to attend language school for 2 weeks, visit Leon, Granada and the Esteli region. Several reasons for the visit. To see & explore Nica is at the top of the list, improve my Spanish and realistically look at Nica as a place to move to. I’m from CA, USA. I’d like advise from folks on Spanish language schools (I’m very interested in Dariana in Leon), places to stay in the country as I travel around and a hotel in Managua on my last night to assure I can catch a 0730 flight when I leave.



    Hi Terry.

    For your last night in Managua, we can offer you an air conditioned Queen room with cable TV, natural gas hot water, and a dropoff to the airport for $55.00. We do, however, recommend you spend a couple days in Managua to see the Malecon Lakefront, Old Cathedral, Eternal Tombs, Huellas de Acahualinca, Laguna Tiscapa (Sandino museum, view of Managua, and zip line over the Laguna). Many tourists are under the mistaken impression that there’s nothing to do in Managua and that it’s dangerous. If you do decide to stay in Managua, feel free to contact us for pricing.

    Art Hotel Managua

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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