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    Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers

    Perhaps my router has been fried by repeated power surges, but my Internet speed is notably — remarkably, exponentially — worse than ever before. There was a time last year when my Internet connection was better in Nicaragua than in the US. Those days are gone. My Internet speed in Granada (the ironically named Turbonet) is as bad as it has been in since the dial-up days of 2004, and perhaps less reliable.

    I guess I’ll have to call Claro to sort this out. But before I waste a day on hold, I want to ask other readers: is the Internet getting worse here? Or should I just throw my router in the lake and get a new one?

    P.S. I am going to try to publish this now, but it might take an hour.



    Same in Matagalpa, about two weeks now…



    It’s been bad in Managua too. I called Claro last night and all they said was the entire country is having internet problems. So don’t throw out your router and don’t bother to call Claro, they’re not being very helpful.



    You don’t say what your speed was or now is. I live in San Rafael del Norte in the northeastern highlands 185 km from Managua. I consistently get 2.7xx Mbps on Claro. I am paying for 3 Mbps so I’m happy considering I’m in such a small town. TV and movies stream OK from North America and Skype works swimmingly.



    What websites can you visit to see the available options on Internet signup in SJDS?



    Options?, Claro is it. There are some start-ups, like GGnet, but they are slow with bad Claro.

    And then there is Claro cable TV. If there is a big event, like the Olympics (NBC) or the NCAA basketball March Madness (CBS) they will pull the broadcast for the entire event. Must cost them too much. Claro is nasty.



    To test your internet speed, try and choose a testing site from the United States. We have been averaging 4MB/s notwithstanding Claro’s billing for 5.



    It could be, partially, due to the end of net neutrality. But, I don’t really know just giving my two cents.

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