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    My name is Mike Wickham. I am gifted with an intuition,graced you might say,that is rarely incorrect as concerns coming earthquakes…or other types of natural catastrophe.

    My intuition tells me Central America is about to experience quite the Great Earthquake.
    (or at least in the 7+ range)

    I feel it may hit closer to Nicaragua than any other Central American location.

    I write the worlds leading authority on quakes and tsunami’s, Dr. George Pararas Carayannis and warned him Easter week would be fraught with huge vibration and it was. I pre-warned him about Holy Cross,Japan,Christchurch,Chile,Indonesia …and on and on over the years.

    The Earth normally experiences 1 major vibration a month and one great quake every year or two.

    April has already produced 8 huge quakes so the chance of one more is quite remote.

    However,I stand by my God given intuition and am warning all in the path of this coming Great Central American quake to be prepared!! What if it does not hit? It will stand as great preparation for the future.

    My window on this coming great quake extends to at least the end of April,2014. Only another 5 days.

    I have predicted every huge quake the earth has experienced since 2004. I missed ONE epic quake this whole time;the quake in Haiti.

    Thank you for your time.Please spread the word.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

    Mike Wickham
    Mid Florida,USA April 26,2014



    Sorry, sir, but this “intuition” does not hold much credibility.

    Predicting a major earthquake in Nicaragua or anywhere else in Central America is like predicting through divine intervention that “in the next week” there will be thunderstorms somewhere in the US. Earthquake faults run throughout that region due to the science of plate tectonics. The whole region, from Alaska, along the western seaboard of the US, through Central America all the way to the tip of Chile, it is ALL earthquake country.

    I am not attacking you personally. I am merely saying that your claim of intuition using this example is NOT really qualified as prophetic.



    An earthquake rated at 7.4 did occur on October 13, 2014 off the cost of Nicaragua and I was in Managua at the time. The cement walls of my apartment unbelievably appeared to flow like water. It continued for about 15 minutes. As strong as it was it was gentle. Only thing moved at the end was a metal shelf that moved about an inch on one corner. Two months later many fine hairline cracks appeared on that cement wall on the west side.

    Predicting an earthquake is indeed a fact. But only moments prior and by animals. People do predict earthquakes, floods, storms, economic collapses, wars, plane crashes and even the end of the world. Over the years I have found the only predictions that prove out are those predicted after the fact. Scientifically a future earthquake can be predicted from stress gauges, inclinometers, gas detectors, radiation detectors, proton magnetometers satellite ground penetrating radar. But as to the day, week, month or even a year, even this cannot be done effectively. Strength of a seismic event as in the case of the earthquake I experienced does not necessarily equivocate the resultant damage.

    Remember, were it not for seismic events, the winds, rains and oceans would erode everything down to sea level. It is a necessity, a balance of nature.

    I predict, somewhere in the world there will be a plane crash. And this prediction is so ambiguous I can say it is 100% certain to happen.

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