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    Julian Quibell
    Julian Quibell

    Claudia (my wife) and I are trying to bring a certified Infant Swim Resource (ISR) instructor to Managua from Mexico (see more info. below). To make this economically feasible — both for the instructor and potential students — we would need the commitment of several families/kids.

    There are currently no certified ISR instructors in Nicaragua, but we have been talking with our daughter’s former teacher from Mexico, Natalia, about coming down to Managua for 2-3 months later this year to work with our son (now 2 yrs old and scared of the water after taking local classes) and as many as 10 other kids — from 6 months to 4 yrs old.

    The ISR classes aren’t cheap — in Mexico they cost $900 for our daughter Adrea — and we were hesitant to sign up at first. Now we swear it was one of the best investments we have ever made.

    We would house Natalia and let her use our pool, and, as a result, pass some savings on to anyone who signs up. With the commitment of ten students, she would charge $750 for daily sessions (M-F) of 15-20 min. for up to 2.5 months. She works with kids from 6 months to 4 years of age.

    We are true believers in the ISR method and our daughter, Adrea, is living proof that it works.

    If you are like Claudia and me, living in Nicaragua with small kids is wonderful for the endless opportunities to be in and around the water (lagunas, the ocean, public and private pools), and at the same time stressful because of the hyper-vigilance that requires (not to mention all the gear!).

    We were really lucky that before we arrived to Nicaragua, we found Natalia. In less than 2 months Adrea was floating comfortably on her back by herself (even with winter clothes on), navigating to the side of the pool and grabbing on.

    After a month or so in Nicaragua – where we could practice in our own pool — she was truly swimming (well, dog-paddling), diving to the bottom and comfortably navigating the deep end – at 2 yrs old. Many of you may have already seen her in action, but here’s a video from a year ago.

    It has been amazing for Adrea’s self-esteem (she’s a bit of a show-off) and has reduced our stress immeasurably. While we NEVER let her alone in the water, we are 100% confident that falling in the water when we aren’t around would not be a catastrophic event.

    So, if you are at all interested please fill in this PRE-REGISTRATION FORM (not a commitment, just a way to gauge interest) or just want more information, please contact us directly: /

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