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Cecilia Espinoza
Cecilia Espinoza

Hi David, without being gay myself, I can tell you Nicaragua is a safe place for gay people. I have a very close group of friends, gays and lesbians who live in Managua and are open with their sexuality, and they have never have any serious problem. But as any other country in the region you should be careful, and take some security measures. The same I take, and the same I will suggest to anyone who visit or live in Nicaragua. Here are my recommendations: Don’t let people you don’t know well to visit your house when you’re alone; don’t loan money to anyone; don’t take taxis you don’t know at night, try to know at least 3 o 4 different taxi driver and call them any time you need a ride; avoid carrying valuable items, like your passport or large amounts of money; if you are confronted by a robber, the best advice is to cooperate; stay in well-lighted, busy areas; don’t drink too much, etc. etc. Nicaraguans are very friendly, so it’s easy to make friends. In Managua, there a lot a couple of gay friendly bars, so that is a good way to meet people. I hope this is helpful. Best. C.