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thanks so much, RA! When you say “a big bag of potting soil” for not much, how much is not much? :) I’ve budgeted $40 — is that an overestimate?

We will probably go to other places besides PriceMart. Our friends I”m sure know where all the best places are, but PriceMart is the only place that I’ve personally ever gone. There’s apparently a market somewhere in Managua that’s a bit “shady” and so our friends won’t let us go to that. Is that by any chance the market you’re referring to? I may just give him our money and a list. He has told us in the past that he’ll be able to get better deals without us being there because of our white skin.

I mainly need a ball park estimate of how much things cost. It’s really hard to budget when I know nothing about the food situation there. we have $375 to make 135 bags of food, basically. Last year, we brought baggies and measured out 1 pound of rice and 1 pound of beans and filled our baggies. And I think we bought some cheap soup mixes, some bags of oil, laundry soap, and packs of cookies. I think we’re nixing the laundry soap — that stuff is powerful and sort of tainted a lot of the food around it. And we’ll probably swap out the cookies for peanut butter crackers. Any other suggestions on what we could include is GREATLY appreciated!