How to post an article

1. First you need to login and go to the community page

(note: you cannot post a new blog from the main ND site; you need to be on the community site to post).

7. login











2. Once you are logged in on the community site, go to the top of the page to the button that says ‘+ New’ and click on ‘Post.’











3. That will open a page for a new post, with blank text boxes for Headline, Body of Article, and Excerpt.

blank screen









4. Upload your photo.

Click on the right where it says ‘Set featured image’. Upload your photo (you can drag and drop from your desktop). Add the caption and credit information. Then click ‘set featured image’. Once you have done that correctly, you will see the thumbnail of your picture under featured image (Please use only your own photos, photos from creative commons, or photos that you have permission to use. Don’t just grab any photo from the Internet without the permission of the author).


5. Once your article and featured image are set, proofread your blog and hit the blue button that says “submit for review.”

Congrats, you’re a blogger!

final article