How to Contribute

Welcome to the Nicaragua Dispatch crowdsource news site. This page will walk you through the easy steps of registering as a contributor and posting blogs, forum topics and calendar events. This page gives you step-by-step instructions to do the following:

          I. Register a new account as a contributor

          II. Post a blog

          III. Post a forum topic

          IV. Post a calendar event

(Note: you do not have to be a registered contributor to participate via Twitter or Instagram. To join the twitter conversation, tweet @nicadispatch. And to post a photo via Instagram, use #nicadispatch).

I. Steps to register an account as a New User:

1. Click the Register Button.











2. Fill out the form

(username must be all lower caps and numbers, no spaces).

2. signup form









(you will get a confirmation message after hitting next)


3. Check your email for a confirmation link.

4. email





6. Login4. Activate your account

by clicking on or copying the link into your Internet browser. (you will get some unruly password that can be changed once you login). The login button is next to the registration button.


5. Login. 

7. login














6. Access your account profile

8. profile








7. Add Bio, Photo

You will need to write a short bio and upload a headshot picture of yourself to have your bio appear on stories. You can also change your password to something more memorable. Then click the blue button that says Update Profile and Congrats, you’re a contributor!

You need to add a short bio and upload a photo of yourself. You can also change your password.