How a selfie can help hungry kids in Managua

The issue of food waste has really caught the world’s attention in 2015 as outrage grows over the amount of food that is thrown away while hundreds of millions of people go hungry. Even in Nicaragua, where around one in five people don’t have enough to eat, tonnes of food is thrown out daily. Now Eat United, a food rescue organisation in Managua, is using people’s passion for food (and love of a selfie) to raise money and awareness around these important issues.

Eat United Nicaragua is a community-based social project founded on the philosophy that food waste and food poverty should not co-exist.

“Everyone should have access to quality food, in sufficient quantities,” says founder Katie Alesbury, “We rescue good fruit and veggies from the market that would otherwise be wasted, and share them with food insecure communities. The community members themselves get involved and distribute or cook the food. It’s a local, logical solution to a global problem, and it’s working.”

With just a handful of Nicaraguan and international volunteers, over 25,000kg of fruits and vegetables have been rescued and shared with food insecure communities in Nicaragua since 2013. This food provides meals for up to 200 people a week across three communities.


Eat United volunteers with a crate of rescued tomatoes.


Eat United is a small organization staffed entirely by volunteers. In 2016 there are plans to expand the food rescue to new markets and double the number of people this food is shared with. There are also plans to create local employment to guarantee the sustainability of Eat United.

To make all this happen, Eat United has launched the Snap Your Snack challenge. The idea behind “Snap Your Snack” is simple:   Take a selfie celebrating your snack, make a donation, share the results on social media with the #snapyoursnack hashtag, then challenge three friends to do the same.

“Food waste co-existing with hunger is a global issue” says Katie Alesbury, “now we are asking the global community to “Snap Your Snack” to help us expand our local solution.”

As well as raising some much-needed funding for Eat United, the campaign also aims also  to raise awareness about the issues of food waste and hunger and have a bit of fun.

“We are excited to see the diversity of global foods people “snap” their selfies with and there have already been some fantastic selfies coming in from everywhere from Turkey to Australia” says Katie.

People from around the world have joined Snap Your Snack

People from around the world have joined Snap Your Snack


To find out more and get involved go to

Take a bite out of food poverty: Snap it. Donate. Challenge.

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