Here’s what happened when I met 5 Chinese canal planners escorted by Nicaraguan police

photo 2-2


Yesterday, I noticed a Nicaraguan cop (providing protection) following a group of five male Chinese in the Calzada.

They stopped to take photographs at the Carlo Bravo school.

I went over to them to welcome them to Granada, tell them about the mural and the water crisis in Nicaragua, and the clean water message of the mural they were photographing.

photo 4They were chatty, so after a bit, I asked if they were aware of the Canal, it’s impact on water supply and China’s involvement in it.

Instantly, they flashed at me, declaring that i tell them where I came from,- USA – and proceeded to say that the USA can say nothing about China’s activities because of our legacy in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. ┬áThis was the Chinese ‘dragon” rearing its angry head!

Quite stunned, I replied that our President’s policy was withdrawal from these ill-conceived wars….and I asked why they thought the Canal was comparable to these conflicts…?

But the Canal discussion was aborted and I got a taste of the militancy the Chinese feel about their presence here….and the fact that their were under police escort was scare-y.

Editor’s note: the author of this article asked to withhold her name for fear of reprisal.

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