Former NYT bureau chief to lead student group to Nicaragua — looking for help

Stephen Kinzer poses with his class of journalism students.

Stephen Kinzer poses with his class of journalism students.

At the end of March, I will bring a group of aspiring foreign correspondents on a one-week trip to Leon. These ten young women and men are my students in a Brown University seminar called “International Journalism: Foreign Reporting In Practice.”  We are preparing for our trip by studying techniques of journalism, and also by learning about Nicaragua.

These students will be pursuing a host of different possible topics for articles, including night life, Subtiava, Ruben Dario, sex workers, local cuisine, and special-needs education. They will also be alert for ideas while we are in Leon.

We are eager for contacts in and around Leon—people who would like to meet visiting American college students, or who can offer insight into what is happening in the Leon area that would be interesting to foreign readers.  We are eager to hear from you now, and possibly to meet you while we are in Leon.

My students would be especially interested in connecting with Nicaraguan students.

Anyone in or around Leon, or anyone else who has ideas or guidance for us, should feel free to contact us at this

My students will also join me for a public conversation about my book “Blood of Brothers,” and about today’s Nicaragua, at La Olla Quemada in Leon at 7 PM on Monday, March 23.  All are welcome.

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