Birdnapped! Help us find our stolen scarlet macaw


Missing Bird: Lupe

On Sept. 11, 2014, a group of thieves broke in our family home in the city of Nindiri and stole my wife’s 29-year-old Scarlet Macaw named “Lupe.” She is like the little daughter that we never had, and I am asking for help in finding her and bringing her home.

The police apprehended the perpetrators, who confessed that they had taken her to Rivas immediately after the theft. We are currently in the U.S. selling our home to move permanently to Nicaragua, and cannot be there to assist in the search.

She is easily identified by the unusual feather structure of her wings, the lower, outer feathers are twisted, with the undersides facing outward instead of inward toward her body. Due to this abnormality, she is unable fly, and depends on us for everything.

I am asking that everyone who reads this post to please contact everyone that you know on social media and get the word out as soon as possible, and pay attention to your surroundings when you are out in the street…she may be for sale. She also may be in the San Juan del Sur area.

I believe that if enough people are watching, she will be found. With enough eyes, ears, and minds working together, anything is possible.

Please contact me with ANY information that you may have at:


Thank you,


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