Nicaragua’s former first lady, Isabel Urcuyo de Somoza, dies in Texas

IMG_1979Nicaragua’s former First Lady, Isabel Urcuyo de Somoza(1956-1963), died in exile at 6 a.m. Saturday morning in a retirement home in Houston, Texas. She was 90.

I was married to her daughter Salvadora, and have three children with her.

Isabel was such an elegant, serene person all through her life. I admired her very much.

She was the classic first lady. Regal in her appearance and yet so modest. She loved and missed her husband Luis Somoza very much. He died of a heart attack (out of office) leaving her at quite a young age. Seven children and many many grandchildren are alive today.

God bless her soul. That’s all I want to say — my heart reaches out to her whole family. I shall miss her. She was like a friend and second mother to me.

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