The will to succeed

with shovel

Occasionally you meet someone who has the faith and determination to succeed,
even against odds. A former student of mine shared this will to succeed with
me and I still remain inspired by him.

Ramon Cuevas comes from a humble background in northern Nicaragua and
“…was raised in a very poor, but strong family full of values that taught
me how to be part of society in order to set the example wherever I went, and
to show respect to everybody, regardless their economic position.” He
emigrated to the US to achieve part of his goals. He enrolled in the U.S.
Army, improved his English, trained and was deployed to Iraq 3 times.

His unwavering faith was a great part of his success. “I was sent on
missions many times…I experienced how great God and Jesus Christ were in
keeping me alive and protecting me at all times. Being from such a small town
in Nicaragua, it makes me really proud that I was part of one of the greatest
armed forces in the world.”

He knew that gaining an education was something that could lift him and his
family up from their humble backgrounds. “…anything can be done if you
just have faith and focus on your objective—an objective that you know that
in the end is going to return on something good, something that will benefit
your life, something that nobody can take away from you. That something for me
was education.”

in truckAfter finishing his contract, he returned to Nicaragua to support his mother
and grandmother. During his military years, he had promised to return and take
care of his ailing grandmother and was able to be with her for her last 3
months of life.

In 2010, he enrolled at UAM – CUSE (Universidad Americana – College of
University Studies in English) in Managua, thanks to the US GI Bill, where he
was able to “…finally fulfill one of the things I had fought for: my
education. Ever since I started my degree, I have always tried to maintain my
focus on being better every day and setting a good example for others.”

“I always thank Jesus Christ and the U.S. Army for helping me achieve my
dream.” After 4 years, he now has a degree in Global Business and works at
the US Embassy in Managua.

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