ANS Board defends school director

Editor's note: the following is the third press release from ANS
Gloria Doll

Gloria Doll (photo/Nicaragua Dispatch archive)

The American Nicaraguan School (ANS) informs the educational community and the public at large that ANS is a multicultural non-profit organization with more than 70 years dedicated to education in Nicaragua. The American Nicaraguan School is committed to complying with all Nicaraguan laws and authorities.

The ANS Board of Directors supports the actions of our Director General, Dr. Gloria Doll, to protect our students, community and institution in regards to the well-known case of William James Vahey. The American Nicaraguan School recognizes that additional actions may have been taken among them timely informing the National Police.

The American Nicaraguan School wishes to clarify that the professionalism and active role of the National Police has never been questioned or doubted. The American Nicaraguan School is in close communication with the National Police, providing information and fully cooperating with the National Police on the Vahey case.

This case has encouraged important dialogue, both nationally and internationally, regarding policies, procedures and preventive actions in reference to inappropriate conduct and sexual abuse of children and adolescents. The American Nicaraguan School is committed to educating our students, teachers and parents on this topic.

Finally, the American Nicaraguan School expresses our respect and adherence to Nicaraguan laws and our continued zero tolerance for any type of abuse or crime, and to acting in a timely, direct and firm manner.

Board of Directors
American Nicaraguan School
Managua, Nicaragua
May 2nd, 2014

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