ANS teachers speak out about William Vahey

Editor's note: the following is a letter written by three current employees at ANSand published anonymously to protect the authors' identities.

We are three employees from the American Nicaraguan School. We are writing to you about how the school handled the case of the alleged pedophile Bill Vahey. Finally this week articles came out about what happened. What has not been covered is what the school did and did not do to catch this man who has caused such harm to so many children.

vahey tumbWe heard firsthand the school director’s version of what happened. Dr. Gloria Doll said (paraphrased) “The maid who worked in Bill Vahey’s home brought the memory stick to the HR person, who passed it to Carola Molina, who brought it to me March 11, and after speaking with him I told him to leave Nicaragua immediately and I fired him.”

And she let him go home. She said she consulted a member of the Board of Directors and the school lawyer in that short lapse of time, and he advised her about her decision.

The lawyer told her the school had no legal responsibility to call the local authorities since the evidence they had on the memory stick showed that nothing had happened in Nicaragua. Note that the director said she didn’t look at all the pictures, so how would she know if it included Nicaraguan children. Even if it is true that the photos were not of Nicaraguan children, it is still illegal to have child pornography in Nicaragua and he was in the photos so totally incriminated.

Dr. Doll also said that she called the U.S. Embassy later that evening (March 11) and gave them the memory stick, and contacted the FBI. Again, no local authorities were called by the school or by the embassy. And we have serious doubts that she contacted the embassy that same day, as we think they would have contacted the local authorities immediately to arrest Vahey.

Instead, Vahey was allowed to go to his home in Villa San Angel where he spent the night and could have gotten rid of more evidence. Numerous witnesses have confirmed that the morning of March 12 the school van picked him up and took him to the airport where children from ANS who happened to be there hugged him goodbye (obviously unaware of what had happened).

On March 13 the high school director sent an email stating (paraphrased, but we have the actual text) that Bill Vahey would not return to ANS due to health issues.

On April 23 the temporary middle school principal said in an email to the middle school teachers, “We have been advised by Dr. Doll to NOT talk to reporters on this case. The school is handling the communications through a group of professionals hired for that specific purpose. If you need guidance on how to handle questions or another situation related to this case, please see me before commenting or talking about the case. This goes also for social media and electronic communications as well.”

It also should be noted that one week prior to Bill Vahey’s dismissal, the middle school principal was counseled by the school to leave the country immediately in order to avoid arrest. The teacher resigned and was also taken to the airport by the school van. There were numerous complaints by Nicaraguan teachers of discrimination, intimidation, and violent outbursts, none of which were addressed by the school administration.

As it states on the FBI webpage, Vahey’s death leaves many questions unanswered. Also, because of his suicide, victims really get no closure or justice.

This kind of apparent “aiding and abetting” seems to be a pattern the school has followed for many years; we know of another alleged pedophile who was protected by previous administration. As of April 24, the school still has no policies and procedures in place to prevent the hiring of pedophiles or to demand that the school advise local authorities when they know of criminal actions.


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