ANS’ statement on alleged pedophile teacher William Vahey

Editor's note: the following is the second press release by ANS on its employment and relationship with alleged US pedophile William Vahey.

The American Nicaraguan School (ANS) wishes to inform its educational community and the public at large that the employment relationship with professor William James Vahey was terminated on March 11th, 2014.

ans_logoMr. Vahey worked for this educational institution from August 12th, 2013, to March 11th, 2014, date when he was immediately fired by the American Nicaraguan School authorities after having found inappropriate photographic material that Mr. Vahey collected prior to his arrival in Nicaragua. The case of Mr. Vahey, found dead on March 21st, is currently being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in the United States, country of origin of Mr. Vahey.

The American Nicaraguan School carried out the usual relevant verifications prior to hiring professor Vahey, checking his references with previous employers, among other documents, and requesting the most up-to-date mandatory police record, which did not reflect any criminal records. Additionally, the American Nicaraguan School, when finding out the inappropriate content of the photographic material in Mr. Vahey’s possession, applied the pertinent administrative measures, and concurrently relied on the indicated legal advice and proceeded according to the pertinent recommendations.

Consequently, the American Nicaraguan School informed the authorities of Mr. Vahey’s country of origin about the events so that they would take the appropriate actions, making contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). The American Nicaraguan School has cooperated, and will continue collaborating with the investigations of this case, in a responsible manner and without obstructing such investigations, both at local and international level.

Likewise, the American Nicaraguan School authorities informed parents, faculty, and students in a timely and responsible manner about the situation, keeping first and foremost in mind the well-being of its students and offering support to whoever required it.

The American Nicaraguan School wishes to express sympathy for the possible victims of sexual abuse that might have occurred during the educational career of professor Vahey for over 40 years, in nine different schools and countries. In our case, we feel fortunate that Mr. Vahey did not take part in any extracurricular trips, inside or outside of Nicaragua, during the time that he worked for the school.

It is also important to highlight that, thanks to the clear and direct actions of our school, an investigation was initiated about Mr. Vahey’s activities, which extended to over 40 years at international schools, according to what the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has pointed out in the United States.

Finally, the American Nicaraguan School wishes to thank our parents, faculty, assistants, and our students in particular, for their trust and support of our institution. We reiterate our commitment to looking after the physical integrity and well-being of our students and community in general. This type of events must serve to raise greater awareness on the importance of educating and being prepared on the way to approach and face these topics in our families and society in general.

The American Nicaraguan School is a non-profit and multicultural institution, with over 70 years of dedicated and committed service to the Nicaraguan education.

Board of Directors
American Nicaraguan School

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