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Brody Jenner is vacationing in Nicaragua

Brody Jenner Hosts Wild Bash At Hyde Bellagio In Las Vegas

The son of Bruce Jenner, Brody, who has had several appearances on the reality Keeping up with the Kardashians is visiting Nicaragua. He posted on her Instagram photo from a beach and wrote: “Good morning, Nicaragua”. Brody Jenner is in “Rancho Santana” in Rivas, Nicaragua with his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. Both have walked the beaches and tapped the waves for surfing. Brody is 31 years old and is the youngest child of Bruce Jenner’s previous marriage. When his father remarried, Brody Jenner became brother of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Kardashian and also has two half sisters Kendall and Kylie. Continue Reading →

Notes on eating iguana soup in Subtiava

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.38.12 PM

“It’s just chicken,” the lady behind a fresh food stand assures me with a wink, as she bags two freshly killed iguana, along with their eggs. Teresa and I balk, but only for a moment. We have a mission to complete: purchase all the ingredients for sopa de garroba— or, iguana soup. Our guide, Héctor, helps us navigate El Mercado Central, the main food market in León, stopping to chat with the ladies who run the various fruit and vegetable stands. He gives us pinches of pinolillo, a mixture of cornmeal and cacao that when mixed with water or milk transforms into the traditional Nicaraguan drink. Continue Reading →

Watch: Amazing video of lobster boat explosion off Little Corn Island

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.57.58 AM

LITTLE CORN ISLAND —Expats, locals and tourists gathered on the beach of Little Corn Island yesterday to watch a lobster boat catch fire then explode in dramatic fashion. The boat was empty at the time and no one was injured in the fireball. The boat caught fire at approximately 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, and the explosion happened about half an hour later. The explosion is believed to have been caused by  a small propane tank used for cooking on the boat. There were no lobster traps on board, so the financial loss was not as bad as it could have been for the owner, a local man named Emildo. Continue Reading →

Galerias Santo Domingo invest US$25 million in expasion

Galeria Santo Domingo©

The expasion of the mall includes a four-floor parking lot and a new Hyatt Hotel. Galeria Santo Domingo

Galerias Santo Domingo will expand and remodel their installations. The project represents an investment of $25 million and greater development to the economy of the country. Fernando Robleto, of real estate Santo Domingo, the holding company of Galerias Santo Domingo, said they decided invest in infrastructure and technology to provide a better service and comfort to their costumers

“Given the success of our businesses and the growing demand for brands wholesale space, we decided to invest in this expansion project, which includes a reworking of the current area and the construction of a two story building for new chains and brands, supporting and the dynamism of the national economy and creating new jobs”, said Robleto. ”With this investment we contribute to the development of projects in Nicaragua and the investment climate. This will allow many Nicaraguans and foreign companies to realize their expansion plans by providing adequate infrastructure.” Continue Reading →

Help me find my uncle, missing in Nicaragua

missing 1

My uncle traveled to Nicaragua on Tuesday February 17, 2015 from St. Louis, MO. He was supposed to return home on Friday February 27,  but never returned . He may of traveled south toward Costa Rica, San Juan Del Sur or El Castillo (we are not sure). His name is Thomas Patrick Quain but goes by Pat or Patrick. Continue Reading →

Near volcanic doom, ox pilgrimage and doggie dress-up day: Here are fascinating festivals of March

monimbo san lazaro dog

Semana Santa is coming quickly and bringing with it the incredible celebrations that make Nicaragua so unique. But instead of talking about Domingo de Ramos, San Benito de Palmero or the always fun Stations of the Cross by boat, I will be highlighting a few lesser-known festivals that will do you good to check out if you are anywhere south of Managua. It’s a double shot of savior on the 16th in Masaya and neighboring Nindiri to mark the day in 1772 the villages were saved from certain destruction by the Masaya Volcano. As the story goes it the area was rocked by earthquakes and black smoke billowed out of the volcano, scaring the indigenous population (and Spanish I would assume) half to death. The local churches took action to calm the entrance to hell by carrying their respective saints up to the beast and…sure enough…the eruption subsided! Continue Reading →

Former NYT bureau chief to lead student group to Nicaragua — looking for help

Stephen Kinzer poses with his class of journalism students.

At the end of March, I will bring a group of aspiring foreign correspondents on a one-week trip to Leon. These ten young women and men are my students in a Brown University seminar called “International Journalism: Foreign Reporting In Practice.”  We are preparing for our trip by studying techniques of journalism, and also by learning about Nicaragua. These students will be pursuing a host of different possible topics for articles, including night life, Subtiava, Ruben Dario, sex workers, local cuisine, and special-needs education. They will also be alert for ideas while we are in Leon. We are eager for contacts in and around Leon—people who would like to meet visiting American college students, or who can offer insight into what is happening in the Leon area that would be interesting to foreign readers.  We are eager to hear from you now, and possibly to meet you while we are in Leon. Continue Reading →