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Former NYT bureau chief to lead student group to Nicaragua — looking for help

Stephen Kinzer poses with his class of journalism students.

At the end of March, I will bring a group of aspiring foreign correspondents on a one-week trip to Leon. These ten young women and men are my students in a Brown University seminar called “International Journalism: Foreign Reporting In Practice.”  We are preparing for our trip by studying techniques of journalism, and also by learning about Nicaragua. These students will be pursuing a host of different possible topics for articles, including night life, Subtiava, Ruben Dario, sex workers, local cuisine, and special-needs education. They will also be alert for ideas while we are in Leon. We are eager for contacts in and around Leon—people who would like to meet visiting American college students, or who can offer insight into what is happening in the Leon area that would be interesting to foreign readers.  We are eager to hear from you now, and possibly to meet you while we are in Leon. Continue Reading →

U.S. muralist helps kids create colorful street art in Nicaragua


U.S. muralist Paul Santoreli was in Nicaragua earlier this month to work with a group of at-risk youth to paint street art in Managua, El Viejo, León and Bluefields. The Philadelphia native says he has 25 years working with youth in to pain murals in communities, which help marginalized neighborhoods to create artwork and a new identity for themselves. Check out some of their work in this time-lapse video

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Retiring to Nicaragua? Don’t forget to translate your will


During the first three weeks of January I went to three funerals, deeply touched by each one and unexpected, as well. Because I am close to those families they asked me regarding the properties of the deceased. In any of those cases the persons that passed away had a Will & Testament. Because there is lack of information about this topic, I would like to share some comments with readers of The Nicaragua Dispatch. First of all, I must say the Wills from abroad are accepted in Nicaragua, however they must be legalized (Apostille or Authenticated) depending the country of origin; and they have to be translated too. Continue Reading →

Sons of Pirates book review (by the author’s mom)

conquered by the caribbean coast of nicaragua

A few months ago I published my latest book, Sons of Pirates – Conquered by the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. It’s 100+ pages chronicling some of the five years I spent living and traveling on the right side of the country. In lieu of writing a summary of the book myself I decided to print a letter my mother wrote after she purchased the book on Amazon. She does browse the Nicaragua Dispatch every couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see her reaction when she finds out that she too is now a published author. Dear Casey,
Son, I love you very much but this ridiculousness has got to stop. Continue Reading →

Requesting help in final days of crowdfunding for Nicaragua story


I’m using Beacon, a crowdfunding platform for journalists, to get back to Nicaragua and report on Hodera, a bare-bones rehab I got sober at in 2009. Please check out the link below to my project page. If you’d like to see this project come to life, consider a contribution. I have to meet my $3,000 goal ($920 to go), by Friday or it will not fly. Gracias. Continue Reading →

RecycleMania in Nicaragua


In Nicaragua, everyone simply tosses their garbage onto the streets or out the car or bus windows. That is the tradition and it even irks the very people who are taking part in it. In the last year there has been attempt to clean up the cities, towns and countrysides and make Nicas conscious of throwing their trash into bins instead. And so we have noticed metal cans on stands being installed sporadically on main streets, for that purpose. There is no doubt that some locals and most tourists are trying to be responsible and make use of them. Continue Reading →